Xchange program

The honor of hosting 28 students from the Team Academy University of Applied Science, in Amsterdam was extended to Entrepreleaders School over the course of November to December 2022. The Team Academy students participated on three major projects during their time in Cape Town, South Africa. First, they participated in a pitch deck presentation between students from Entrepreleaders School and Team Academy. Each student had three minutes to present a Pitch Deck outlining their business idea in order to solicit factual feedback from their counterparts students. The journey was tremendously fruitful and successful. At the conclusion of the pitch deck, Team Academy students teamed upwith Entrepreleaders school students to devise strategies to create comparable ventures in their respective nations. Our intention was to create an opportunity for international partnerships to be established and for a transfer and culture, knowledge, friendship and expertise.

In addition, we had the privilege of inviting them to join our Samora-Philipi project ( a township of Cape town) where we hadbeen contracted to train and release 10 women to launch community based business ideas capable of turning into money generating and sustainable start ups. The Team Academy students shared their knowkledge, experience but also a lot of their culture with our Samora group women. One of the lady highly impacted by exchange shared the following “I never thought that a white man from another country could see value in a thought lingering in my head; I feel empowered to dream for more”. Needless to say to the exchange had a massive impact on our students but also on the Team Academy team.

 At last, we invited the Team Academy Students to take part into our end of the year annual reach out. As an organization, we believe that we also exist for the betterment of the communites surrounding us. Furthermore, we feel a strong responsibility towards vulnerable children and youth and their education. It is in that spirit that for the end of the year 2022, we decided to partner up with the Team Academy students to help raise over R10 000 in order to purchase school packs and Christmas gifts for vulnerbale children residing in the AKH area close to the Waterfront mall in order to make their festive season jovial while equally investing into their academic future.  Each child got a lunch meal, a school pack and a Christmas gift. It was truly a time of joy and celebration! Looking ahead, we are even more enthusiastic to see the Entrepreleaders  School students travel to Amsterdam in September 2023 for an exchange.