women Empowerment program

In July 2022, we had the absolute privilege of partnering up with a local church within the community of some more accord live church. And through that partnership, were able to launch our very first Samora, Philippi ELF project. Elf stands of course for Entrepreleaders Foundation. We started up the project with 10 women and one man in a group in the church that was very driven by entrepreneurship. They were passionate about turning their lives around despite the harsh circumstances they were dealt with and were considering starting their own business. Though passionate they unfortunately had no skills or tools on how to start a business. They were all fully sponsored by the Entrepreleaders Foundation. As a result, we started with these women and gentlemen from July 2022, all the way through to January 2023, for a period of six months. By the end of the program, 6 out of the 11 students had decided to start and launch their business off the ground. Out of the 6 students who tried to launch their business off the ground, 3 students were selected to join the exchange program in September 2023. With Team Academy University of applied science. We believe that through these students that we are training, we have planted the seed and have nurtured this new generation of future Entrepreneurs within the community of Phillipi. In this community of Samora Philippi, we will be able to change the economic fabric of this community through Entrepreneurship. As we conclude the year 2023 with our intake from 2022. We are looking forward to and already are planning on the next intake for the year 2024 For our next Samora, Philippi project. We have some amazing and inspiring success stories from our previous year. If you have a dream of starting a business and becoming an Entrepreneur it is never too late to start. Always remember to think Big, Start, and lead with Impact.