Our stories

Xchange program

The honor of hosting 28 students from the Team Academy University of Applied Science, in Amsterdam was extended to Entrepreleaders School over the course of

women Empowerment program

In July 2022, we had the absolute privilege of partnering up with a local church within the community of some more accord live church. And

A story of Hope

I’d like to introduce you today to Jamie-Lee Botha, a young aspiring entrepreneur. Jamie joined Entrepreleaders School in 2021 through our foundation.

A silent hero

Have you ever met someone whose sole ambition is to help you achieve your ambition? Well, I am proud to introduce you to one of our top founders “drum roll”, Daniel Picket!!

Let’s eat local & healthy!

Have you ever thought of what it feels like to be the smartest student in the room? Well, that’s Liyema every day, founder of Kulture Kwenche (KK).

The first student

For today, we’d like to focus on the story of Aya, a young matric student from camps bay high in Cape Town just under 18 years old who was able to study Entrepreneurship through our foundation.