A story of Hope

I’d like to introduce you today to Jamie-Lee Botha, a young aspiring entrepreneur.

Jamie joined Entrepreleaders School in 2021 through our foundation. As one of the top students in her class, Jamie’s ambition was to find a job after high school and study Early Childhood development to help children who have or are suffering from similar traumas of abandonment and rejection in childhood as she had. Unfortunately, after matriculating, things got quickly real and difficult. She was not accepted at any of the universities and colleges she had applied to. In the same process, despite many trials, she could still not find a job. That’s when she was introduced to Entrepreleaders Foundation and the idea of starting up her own business.

As a quiet, reserved and introspective 20 years old woman, Jamie didn’t think she had the capability to start and lead her own business. She struggled at first to open up and engage with other students. Over time, however, she slowly started to open up, make suggestions and contribute to the class. She in fact became one of the most participative students in the class discussions.  The boost in her confidence was nothing short of a miracle. 

While incredibly passionate about ECD (Early Childhood Development), Jamie soon enough realized that she was not going to be able to start right away with a business of that magnitude. One of the elements taught within the school is to Think Big but Start Small. As a result of that philosophy, Jamie settled to start up with a simpler idea: To make Care packages primarily for teenage girls to encourage and support each other through difficult times, more so in this season of Covid-19. 

Her business is called TLC Package and the idea is to administer Tender, Love and Care among teenage girls by allowing them to offer each gift in uniquely designed packages to help them encourage and build each other up rather than breaking each other down. The package purchased will be directly delivered at the client’s doorstep. 

Today, Jamie is studying, has a running startup, and got a small part-time job that allows her to further re-invest in her startup. She now has hope and is ready to embrace all that is ahead!