A silent hero

Have you ever met someone whose sole ambition is to help you achieve your ambition? Well, I am proud to introduce you to one of our top founders “drum roll”, Daniel Picket!!

He probably wouldn’t like the fuss around him and that’s why we didn’t tell him he would be featured in today’s blog. Our team met Daniel in the last quarter of 2019 while he was visiting South Africa – Cape Town during what they call a learning journey within their university Team Academy.  At first, Daniel looked just like another European student – actually not quite now that I think of it. He was quiet, very reserved but kind and generous with his words. In one of our various exchanges, we took him and the entire Team Academy team to one of our outreach communities called AKH, near the famous Waterfront in Sea Point. From being a little shy and reserved, Daniel’s entire demeanor lit up as soon as he came into contact with the teenagers and kids we met in the area. We took the entire team and teenagers to the park nearby to play football. We bonded over the football game and finally got to warm up to one another. By the time the afternoon was over, we were all sweaty and good friends.

The following year, Daniel contacted us via Instagram to say he was interested in our work and wanted to help in any way possible. Within three months of various exchanges, Daniel offered to become the first international fundraiser for Entrepreleaders Foundation with the goal of raising 5000 Euros throughout the Netherlands by the end of 2021 to sponsor 20 students. He may be quiet, reserved and observant but deep down, Daniel is the superhero who has so far helped many students become more than simple entrepreneurs; he’s helped them become Entrepreleaders!